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Louisiana Family Mediation

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If you are not happy with our service, we will refund the Mediator Fee in full. No questions asked

Why are you here?

We’ve seen it before. You are fighting with your spouse, or ex spouse, or your child’s parent. You can’t seem to talk to them. They don’t listen and every time you talk, a fight starts. The problem is, you need to make decisions together, but no matter how much you talk, nothing is solved. You could hire a lawyer, but lawyers are expensive. Plus, courts are scary places. The Judge makes a decision and barely even knows you or your special situation. So what do you do?

Mediation is the answer.

So what is mediation?

Mediation is an opportunity to meet with a neutral party who will help you and your significant other to communicate with each other, understand what each are saying and settle out of court.

It is also important to understand what mediation is not. Mediation is not court. There don’t have to be lawyers. There is no judge. There is not even someone who will make any decision. Only you and your spouse will make a decision. Mediation works for this very reason. Only you and your spouse know what is best, so it reasons that only you and your spouse should decide what is best for each of you, and your family. Not some lawyers. Not a judge. You.

Mediation works.

Plus, we have a money back guarantee. That is right, if you do not think the mediation was helpful, we will refund your Mediation Fee. So there really isn’t any risk.